Meet Our founder

Augustus Reynolds is the visionary behind our premium social media growth agency, renowned for his expertise in digital marketing. With a keen eye for the evolving dynamics of social media, Augustus has cultivated a unique approach that ensures personalized attention for each client, fostering growth and engagement that surpass expectations. His hands-on leadership style involves meticulous monitoring and strategic planning for every campaign, earning him adoration from clients and peers alike. Loved for his dedication and respected for his acumen, Augustus continues to drive our agency to new heights, setting the gold standard in the world of digital marketing.

The rest of the team

At Build Your Socials, our team is made up of passionate, innovative, and dedicated professionals who excel in turning your social media visions into reality. From creative strategists to data-driven analysts, each member brings their unique expertise to the table, ensuring that we deliver tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. United by a shared commitment to excellence and a love for social media success, our team works collaboratively to keep your accounts growing and your audience engaged. Get to know the faces behind the magic as they help bring your digital presence to the forefront of your industry!

Joey Stern

Senior Marketing Analyst

Kristen Murphy

Chief Growth Specialist

James Shorey

Customer Success Head

Ella Stern

Digital Marketing Expert

Franciscah Cheruiyot

Sales and Communication Executive

Karen Cox

Creative Director