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From 50k to 650k Followers in Under a Year

Success Spotlight: Discover the remarkable journey of @the_traveling_pasta, a once modest account that transformed into a social media sensation! Teaming up with Build Your Socials, this passionate traveler embarked on an epic journey from 50k followers to an astounding 650k in less than a year — all through organic growth. Through strategic collaborations, impeccable content strategy, and the expertise of our team at Build Your Socials, @the_traveling_pasta expanded its reach and became a top-tier travel influencer on the platform. Explore the steps, strategies, and secrets behind this success story.

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1. Precision-Driven Ad Campaigns

Build Your Socials rolled out immersive ad campaigns that appealed to the right audience. This resulted in attracting followers who were genuinely interested in @the_traveling_pasta’s adventures.

2. Strategic PR in Prime Regions

Focusing on influential regions like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, our PR articles highlighted @the_traveling_pasta, grabbing the attention of potential followers from these key geographies.

3. Targeting the Female Travel Enthusiast

Through advanced analytics, we identified a vast audience of women passionate about travel. Our strategies led to capturing over 76% female followers from target countries.

4. Optimizing for the Explore Page

Our understanding of Explore page dynamics, paired with geographic targeting, ensured @the_traveling_pasta’s content reached the right global audience, leading to organic growth.

5. Amplifying Post Reach

With each post @the_traveling_pasta shared, Build Your Socials deployed targeted post-boosting to maximize reach and impact.

6. Purposeful External Engagement

Build Your Socials engaged with influencers, communities, and accounts aligned with @the_traveling_pasta’s brand, expanding visibility with precision.


Through precise targeting, innovative strategies, and a proactive approach, Build Your Socials elevated @the_traveling_pasta’s digital presence. In less than a year, we transformed a growing travel account into a powerhouse, attracting a majority of female followers from premium regions. Our results demonstrate the power of quality, purposeful engagement, and prove that with the right strategies, remarkable growth is attainable.